Starting an artist in residency program at work

When I'm not in my studio, I have the great fortune of working in a public garden in Walnut Creek, California - The Gardens at Heather Farm. I love the quiet of the place and the amount of greenery and sunlight I take in while (still) mostly working at a desk and a computer. This year I wanted to experiment a bit and try something new with the adult education offerings and with the support or the director, I've launched an artist in residency program. It seems only natural that art and gardens should go hand in hand and I'm excited by the positive and enthusiastic support I've received for this project. Artists have been selected for this first round and I'll be posting more of their projects and work and my thoughts on managing a small residency program in its first year. I hope many more people who have the good fortune of working in interesting places might think about ways to open their doors to artists. 

2017-05-03 10.51.40.jpg